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CEO’s are the new celebrities

July 9, 2011

If you want to grow your business you need to seek celebrity status.  I know this may sound counter-intuitive but let’s pause for a moment.  Who are the most successful computer companies in the world.  Dell, Apple, and Microsoft.  Now think about the leaders who built them Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.  People respect third party validation.  When they see a leader of a corporations in the media they see that as a ringing endorsement.  What we’ve done at Ascendant Strategy ( is build a CEO branding model that helps CEO’s get the branding they need.  We essentially have bottled up the best practices and techniques of popular CEO’s and built a service offering around it.  We are the best in the world at it as we integrate both the strategic and tactical implementation component.
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Everyday Tips for CEO Branding

May 31, 2011

One of the world’s largest PR firms, Burson-Marsteller, completed a survey about the role of the CEO in the company’s perceived image. The results indicated that, based on the CEO’s reputation:

   95% decide whether or not to invest in a company;

   93% would recommend a company as a good alliance/merger partner; and

   88% recommend the company as a good place to work.

These results by themselves show us the importance of a CEO’s reputation to the success of the company. If you think about it, these results should not be a surprise. The CEO is the public face of the company, and many times the CEO will be involved in securing the largest contracts. If you are a current business owner, you know this is a reality and must come to grips with it.

Have you ever wondered why that, despite the amount of sales people you bring on and train, you can’t quite find that one personwho can generate as much revenue as you can? Do you know why? Are you ready? It is because, despite the methodologies you use to train a person, they cannot clone your image and relationships. People and companies are often making decisions to dobusiness with your company because of you, the CEO. Am I suggesting that your company is completely dependent upon you for sales? Not at all! There is a path to make networking, lead generation, sales, and increased advertising and marketing return all easier to attain. This path is CEO BRANDING.

CEO branding is the process of developing positive impressions with the general public, media, customers, employees and investors based on the development of an image and communicating the beliefs of the Chief Executive Officer in a way that highlights the product/service offerings of the company.If CEO branding were a toolkit, it would be comprised of the following: all public relation activities, media interviews, philanthropy, articles, books, speaking engagements and employee treatment. At Ascendant Strategy, we focus on helping clients translate these activities into individual and corporate profits. In the next several issues, wewill discuss how you, as a CEO, can become involved in these activities and how specifically they will improve your company’s reputation, increase the popularity of your company’s services/products, and enhance your bottom line.

There is no better poster-child for the benefits of CEO Branding than Richard Branson. He has single-handedly proven that branded CEOs are a very precious commodity. (Branson is, of course, the CEO and architect of the Virgin brand). While Branson obviouslyhas savvy operational skills, the key to his transition from successful business man to builder of a multi-billion dollar enterprisehas been the development of his CEO brand. Branson is known for his colorful personality and competitive spirit. He is a media darling and is loved by the public. Did Branson build this reputation by sitting behind a desk and waiting for people to discover Virgin’s products/services? The answer is a resounding no! Instead, Branson has attempted to break and, in some cases successfully broken, world records. He broke world records, including creating the first hot air balloon to fly out of the Atlantic with speeds surpassing 240 mph! He also has been involved in a number of philanthropic activities and appears in films and television showsregularly. Branson has a flare for the dramatic; he gets involved in the newest trends and figures out a way to make his brand relevant.

Branson’s newest initiative is renewable fuels. When CNN did a feature story on the oil crisis, it was Branson (whose enterprise wasn’t even running at full capacity yet) whom they called on to be a major contributor. That is CEO branding at its finest!When you are being interviewed about your next project prior to it even launching, this indicates a high level of awareness and trustin your service. As a result of Branson’s CEO Brand, all relevant stakeholders and potential stakeholders for the company are aware of what Virgin offers and what defines its reputation. You might think to yourself that this is not relevant to your new or existing business. CEO branding is the new corporate branding, find out more at

Raoul Davis is the CEO of Ascendant Strategy a division of The Ascendant Group ( a world leader in CEO branding. Mr. Davis can be contacted at or 336.575.3594. 

Examples of successful CEO Branding as the new corporate branding in Personal Branding Magazine

May 31, 2011

In case you didn’t think that this phenomenon was real take a look at, check out the advertisement on page 12 for Ascendant Strategy on CEO branding as the new corporate branding.  We also have an article on CEO branding on page 38.  The article features:

Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell Soup (

Jim Quigley, CEO of Deloitte (

Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Strategy ( a CEO branding firm.

The term CEO branding and the role it plays in corporate branding continues to expand.  As you think about your marketing efforts and ways to differentiate the brand I encourage you to visit the leader in CEO branding as a corporate branding strategy.