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The Prospect Profiler interviews Raoul Davis

July 25, 2014

Heres a link to an interview I was able to take part in 2 years ago! This interview really highlights my roots and how I became the professional I am today.



How To Develop Your CEO Brand

July 25, 2014


How To Develop Your CEO Brand And Become An Industry Leader.

We all know of the famous companies in the world and what they do. Most of us even know who their CEOs are and constantly see them in the media. We all see the fame and fortune that comes with being a powerhouse CEO, but it is important to understand the true benefits of being a well-represented CEO and to learn how to present yourself in such a way that these opportunities come your way. 

The following article presents different techniques that may be used to become the CEO you’ve always dreamt you’d be. It also stresses the importance of putting your best image forward in this fast paced world.


6 Steps For Creating A Better Company Culture Through Play

July 18, 2014

A great read by Gene Jones, creator of the Triviation program for corporate training and an expert on breakthrough thinking. In a recent interview, he proposed the following six steps that businesses can use to leverage transformational play for building the adaptive cultures they need to develop as a foundation for long-term success


6 Steps For Creating A Better Company Culture Through Play